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Lingerie - Looking To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

With many of our products being made in France, Lingerie from La-La-Lingerie is sure to spice up one's love life. We many different types of sexy lingerie including G-Strings, Thongs, Micro Thongs, and more. All of the brands featured on the site are of the best quality possible. Many of our suppliers have been in business for a long time and only make the best lingerie.

babalu Sport Babalu Sport

Luxxa, which is a premier French brand that makes a lot of the naughtier items such as the closed g-strings. This is a company with a long history in the Lingerie business and is certified to be a 100% French product. This company also makes the Camisoles which are popular amongst customers as well. Luxxa also makes half cup bras, which allow for a full view of the nipples but the full support of a bra.

Luxxa Ose Ose luxxa string string Luxxa

The Forplay brand is another brand which makes many of the sexy dresses and fetish accessories that are featured on La-La-Lingerie. They have been in the business of making Lingerie and Dresses for 25 years. The company has even made Lingerie which was worn by celebrities such as Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian. They even make belts for bikinis and dresses.

An asymmetric G-string from Rien, or a closed G-String from Marquise in Love is the G-string which will allow a lot of extra skin to show while still leaving some to the imagination. Aside from a small piece of fabric at the front, this lingerie is still very small. This can make for the ultimate foreplay as a partner might not even notice the thong at first. Boxer shorts from Espiral also cover up a little more while still being incredibly sexy with a metallic appearance. These can do a lot to accentuate the curves, and can add an extra layer of clothing to take off. Full body lingerie, such as the metallic-colored Hilda LC from Livco Corsetti Fashion will also change things up a bit for those whom are seeking more cover up. There are also plenty of 4-piece sets which can include a sheer coverup or pasties.

Jambe sexy bas collants veneziana Collants veneziana Venziana

Even for time spent in the sun and on the beach, La-La-Lingerie sells bikini outfits from Passion for the Sun. These are very colorful and still incredibly sexy even though they are a bit more beach appropriate. For those nights out, there is still plenty of clubwear. Much of it is made by Espiral, and comes in any color which will make you look hot. There is a variety of different options depending on the desired color and how much skin is desired to be shown.

Bas Bleu Gatta Adrian Clio bas collants
Bas Bleu Gatta Adrian Clio

For the sexy shoes which you need to complete your outfit, there are two major brands offered on the site. One is Ellie, and another is Pleaser. Ellie shoes are designed to be sexy and have been in the business for over 15 years. Pleaser is another great shoe company, and both companies have very sexy high-heeled shoes which are pumped up. Pleaser even has shoes which go well with a bikini.

Vetements-sexy Lingerie: Best online selling Brands

Feed your soul with these glamorous and sexy lingerie and accessories that will spice up your day and add flavor to your style. Vetements-sexy additionally have incredible ensembles of Beachwear, Negligee, Stockings, Accessories, dashing dresses and more that could be worn either on night out or over some hot undies in the room. Luxury is waiting for you with this spectacular lingerie filled with glamor and elegance that is great for women in search of sophisticated seduction lingerie. This collection of lingerie is to give women a reason to show-off their intimates and find the beauty of designer brands from across the world.
Corset - Cabernet OBH004 Sexy Enticing Seductive
Vetements-sexy offers a special alternative that provides loads of styles and designs whilst giving the sexiness you desire. Nothing beats the sensation of having that silky and satiny texture against your skin. Whether you are choosing lingerie to feel femenine against your unsexy clothes, if you are preparing for a hot date or having a blast weekend out of town with your friends, Vetements-sexy is the lingerie must haves in every woman's lingerie closet. You can also spice up your bedroom in a sexy lingerie. Blow your husband away in this chic seductive piece of lingerie that leaves little to imagination. Pick up lingerie that best suits your curves and in a color that compliments your skin tone.

Choose your favorite lingerie and now you have got a very sexy set for the next night out on the town. You deserve to wear the best in lingerie and Vetements-sexy will meet your entire greatest

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